Brassica rapa

Turnips originated in Siberia and used food and animal fodder for centuries. It started becoming more popular as a table vegetable throughout Europe in the 17th Century. They can grow under most conditions, including cold weather and many varieties have tender, edible tops that make a welcome fresh winter greens.

Rooting varieties are enjoyed peeled as a raw, fresh vegetable or boiled and mashed with a little butter, salt and pepper.

Each packet contains 0.5 gram, which is approximately 125 seeds.
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Golden Ball Turnip
Amber-gold skin and amber flesh, excellent eating quality.
Purple Top White Globe Turnip
Round roots that are bright purple on the upper part and white below.
Seven Top Turnip
A pre-1800 variety grown over winter for spring turnip greens
Shogoin (Japanese Foliage) Turnip
An Asian turnip that is used for both its tops (greens) and roots.
White Egg (Snowball) Turnip
White Egg (aka Snowball) is egg-shaped, mild, sweet, tender and fine-grained.

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