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After reading all of the reasons why you should set up a personal account at, do you need yet another? How about earning points, on every purchase, that accumulate and can be redeemed on future purchases?

If you already have an account, you are already automatically enrolled in the program. If you do not have an account, you can create one by clicking on the My Account menu button in the header at the top of every page and then carefully following the instructions. Be sure that you double check your information before submitting.

Once you have created your account, and every time that you revisit, make sure that you first login, shop, purchase, and you will accrue one "point" for every dollar spent. By participating in the Victory Points™ Program, you agree to the Terms and Conditions found here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the Victory Seed Company's Victory Points™ Program?

A. Victory Points™ are simply another way for us to thank you for supporting our seed variety preservation work with the purchases you make with us.

Q. Why do I want Victory Points™?

A. Everyone likes to save money and every time you purchase from, Victory Points™ help you do just that. Your Victory Points™ accumulate with every purchase.

Q. What Can I Get With Victory Points™?

A. You can use Victory Points™ as a form of payment for your purchases at Victory Points™ are not redeemable for cash. They also cannot be transferred to different accounts so make sure you are logged in to your correct account when you make purchases.

Q. How do I use Victory Points™?

A. Once you have accumulated the minimum amount of points (100 to be exact), you can redeem your Victory Points™ for a gift certificate code that can be used for future purchases or even given away to gardening friends and family.

The process for redeeming your Victory Points™ balance is to first log into your account by clicking on the My Account menu button in the header at the top of any page. Once in your account, scroll down and click on the "View Details" link under the "My Rewards" section. There you will find a button labeled, "Redeem." Follow the instructions and the system will convert your points into a gift certificate which is a unique code. Just like purchasing a gift certificate, you will receive an email with the code and instructions on how to use it.

Click here for instructions on how to use gift certificates.

Coupon Code Redemption Example

Q. How many Victory Points™ do I need to buy things from

A. Well that is pretty easy to explain; Every 100 Points are redeemable for $1.00 on a gift certificate. To view your Victory Points™ balance, first log into your account by clicking on the My Account menu button in the header at the top of any page. Once in your account, click on the "View Details" link under the "My Rewards" section.

Q. Are there limits to the number of Victory Points™ I can use?

A. Yes. The minimum number of Victory Points™ that can be redeemed is 100, which is the equivalent of $1.00 off of a future purchase.

Q. Do Victory Points™ expire?

A. After you make a purchase, the points you earn will expire after 365 days. And we have some good news . . . those points will renew for another 365 days if you make another purchase. Basically, points won’t expire if you make at least one qualifying purchase every year.

Q. How do I earn Victory Points™?

A. Earning Victory Points™ is really easy! As soon as you’re logged in to your account, you are set to earn Victory Points™ with every qualifying purchase. We’ve automated it all so, once a purchase is made, your earned Victory Points™ will be added to your account. Since we want to give you every opportunity to earn Victory Points™, if you qualify for more than one promotion with a single purchase, we will use the highest reward value to award your Victory Points™ for that purchase. Basically, the more purchases you make, the more Victory Points™ you earn!

Q. How many Victory Points™ do I earn from each purchase?

A. Since you earn Victory Points™ with almost every purchase, this depends on you. For every dollar you spend on our site, you will be rewarded with 1 Victory Point™. Keep in mind that shipping, tax and any other fees associated with your order are not included in the total price when it comes to earning points.

Q. How soon can I use Victory Points™?

A. You earn Victory Points™ every time you make a purchase and these Victory Points™ are available for you to use 15 days after your order ships.

Q. That’s a lot of information! Can you walk me through an example?

A. There is a lot of information in this FAQ. But we are sure that once you start earning and redeeming Victory Points™, you will find the program to be really fun and easy. Here’s a quick look at how to earn and redeem your points:

  1. Log into your account (this is VERY important).

  2. Shop and add items to your cart.

  3. Checkout and take a peek at your Victory Points™ earnings. That's it. Easy.

Q. What are qualifying purchases?

A. This is an automated, website only program. To qualify for Victory Points™, you must be logged in to your account. Most items on qualify. They are clearly identified on each individual "product page" just below the photograph section.

Q. What won't qualify?

A. Let's see . . . this is a short, but significant list . . .

  1. Checking out as a "Guest." (You must be logged in prior to completing the purchase.)

  2. Past purchases made prior to the implementation of this program.

  3. Mail orders. This is again a web only program.

Q. I Love Points! How Can I Get More?! Are there other ways to earn Victory Points™ besides making purchases on

A. We are dedicated to creating a partnership between you and the Victory Seed Company and to become your primary garden seed supplier. As an enticement for participating in helping to make the web site even better, we do have a couple of more ways for you to earn Victory Points™.

  1. Send Us Photographs - If you browse around the site and see that a variety is missing a picture or you have photos that you think are better or should be added to the site, you can help. If you purchased the seeds from us, grow the variety, take the picture yourself, send it in, and we end up using it on the site, you will receive five hundred (500) Victory Points™ for each picture we publish! At this time there is no restriction on the number of photos you submit.
  2. Write a Product Review - If you grew our seeds and have feedback about a variety, you can make the site more useful to everyone by sharing your experience. Additionally, you may earn twenty-five (25) Victory Points™. Just revisit the variety's product page and look for the following link:


Once you submit your review, we will verify your past purchase and that your review is appropriate and constructive. Once the Product Review is approved, the Victory Points™ will be processed, and deposited into your account. To view your total balance, check the “View Details” in the “My Rewards” section of the "My Account" section on our site.

Q. Are there restrictions to earning Points by writing product reviews?

A. Yes, we do have some relatively common sense restrictions to ensure that the reviews posted on are meaningful and help gardeners find varieties to try in their gardens. Reviews are not the proper place to describe your failures, germination issues, etc. Contact us directly for help troubleshooting your results. Each review that you make must include a minimum of 150 characters and be specific to the variety being reviewed. Duplicate reviews, even if used for different items, do not qualify. Reviews placed by an automated system will not qualify for Victory Points™. Additionally, the review must not contain any inappropriate language, hate speech, irrelevant information, or be libelous in any way.

At this time, you can earn Victory Points™ for the first 100 Product Reviews you write. This is 2,500 potential Victory Points™ that you can earn simply for reviewing the things you purchased and grew.

We are also working on plans to offer additional ways to earn Victory Points™ so please check back from time-to-time.

Click here to read the Terms and Conditions for participating in the Victory Points™ Program.

Victory Points™ is a trademark of the Victory Seed Company for its rewards points system. All rights reserved.

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