Mountain Sweet Watermelon<br><b>SOLD OUT for 2020</b>
'Mountain Sweet' watermelons.

Mountain Sweet Watermelon
SOLD OUT for 2020

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Mountain Sweet

95 days — The fruits are slightly oblong, medium-green with darker stripes intermingled with mottled shades of green in color. The rinds are one to one-and-one half inches thick but thinner on the blossom end.

Although they can reach up to one hundred pounds, forty to sixty pounds is typical. The seeds are large and brownish black. The flesh is solid, red and have a real nice, sweet taste. 'Mountain Sweet' is one of the oldest named commercial varieties dating back prior to 1850. Here is how some early seed companies described it:

"Mountain Sweet is a new variety supposed a hybrid between the Spanish and Mountain Sprout. It commands the highest price in the Philadelphia market, size medium, very sugary."
~ Landreth, 1850.

"The Mountain Sweet is cultivated extensively for the Philadelphia Market, and stands deservedly the first on our list ; when well-grown from pure seed, it. cannot be surpassed for size and quality."
~ Dreer's, 1860.

"Mountain Sweet. A large, long oval variety ; skin striped and marbled with different shades of green; flesh scarlet, and quite solid to the centre ; very sweet and delicious. A fine market sort."
~ Washburn & Co., 1869.

"Ice Cream, or Mountain Sweet is the finest for general crop."
~ J. M. Thornburn & Co., 1870.

Our 'Mountain Sweet' watermelon seeds are grown for us in Middle Tennessee by David Pendergrass. Each packet contains two grams, which is approximately eighteen to twenty-two seeds.
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