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''GA-Gore' wheat.

GA-Gore Wheat

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Soft red winter wheat, good yielding and quality for milling into flour and baking.
 Triticum aestivum L. subsp. aestivum

'GA-Gore',[1,2] often incorrectly marketed as "GA Gore" or "Georgia Gore," is a soft red winter wheat that is categorized as late maturing in the Southeast, and early maturing in the Mid-Atlantic Coastal Region. It was bred to be resistant to Hessian fly biotypes E, G, M, and O, leaf rust, and septoria glume blotch. It also exhibits moderate resistance to powdery mildew.[1,2] It is a medium height wheat, has good straw strength, above average yields, and is good for milling and baking.

Beginning in 1979 as a single cross between 'Coker 797' and 'Stacy', 'GA-Gore' was developed at the University of Georgia's Agricultural Experiment Station and introduced in 1990.[2] It was named in honor of the late Dr. U. R. Gore, former agronomist and wheat breeder at the Georgia Agricultural Experiment Station, Griffin, Georgia.[1,2] USDA accession number PI 561842. There are approximately 100 seeds in 3.5 grams.
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