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Golden Bantam Sweet Corn
'Golden Bantam' Sweet Corn
Golden Bantam Sweet Corn
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Golden Bantam Yellow Sweet Corn
78 days — The old standard yellow sweet corn that has been the home gardener's favorite since the beginning of the 20th century. A farmer named William Chambers of Greenfield, Massachusetts had grown this variety for years. After his death, a friend of Chambers found some of the sweet corn seeds and sold them to W. Atlee Burpee.

In 1902, Golden Bantam was featured in a Burpee catalog. Before 1900, most people thought that yellow corn was fit only for animal feed. Within a few years of the release of 'Golden Bantam', people in the United States began to favor yellow corn.

The plants grow to about six feet and produce seven inch ears loaded with eight to ten rows of sweet, plump, golden kernels. Each ounce is approximately 110 seeds.
"The 'Golden Bantam' owes its standing as the favorite of all sweet corns to its delicious flavor.  But its earliness also has been an asset; and this earliness it owes largely to its not wasting time in growing seven-foot stalks.  'The ear's the thing!' is its motto, and thus it has started a new era."
Henry T. Finck, "Gardening With Brains," 1922
Customer Reviews Average Rating review
I planted late and I planted seed 3 year old from Victory Seed Co. (2011 harvested seed). Germination was approximately 90%. This was my first time growing corn, a plot of about 60 corn plants. In well amended organic soil (starting in fall) this corn was prolific in growth and production this year, 2014. Up to 5 and 6 stalks with as many viable corn cobs. Some cobs were 10" long with sweet tender kernels. Absolutely outstanding for Oklahoma heat and sun. Unbelievable production and "pleased" is an understatement.
Reviewed by: Bonnie Bright from Oklahoma North Central. on 7/11/2014
Very sweet
Grows over six feet tall, makes sweet, tasty corn. The worms and ants love it and we are VERY happy about that. No gmo pesticides here. =)
Reviewed by: Valerie Whitman from 38134. on 7/31/2012
Best corn for Seattle summers
I've grown this corn two summers in a row now in a small urban backyard. We don't tend to have the longest or hottest summers here, but apparently it doesn't matter to Golden Bantam Sweet. I've gotten a beautiful product; multiple ears per stalk, delicious sugary wonder for the mouth. It freezes well, it roasts well, it boils well and the stalks end up the perfect size for Halloween decoration!
Reviewed by: Meg Kirkpatrick from Shoreline, WA. on 1/27/2011
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