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Tiny Tim Tomato
Tiny Tim Tomato
Tiny Tim Tomato
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Tiny Tim

45 days, dwarf — A heavy yielder with clusters of fine flavored, red fruit that are about one half inch in diameter.

When grown in pots, this variety only grows ten to twelve inches tall and fourteen inches across. It may grow a bit bigger when planted in the garden.

Can be grown as a potted plant anytime of the year. Good for small gardens, patios, or apartment dwellers. Also well suited for hydroponics cultivation.

Bred and introduced by the University of New Hampshire in 1945. There are approximately 110 to 120 seeds per 0.25 gram.
Customer Reviews Average Rating review
Well worth it.
I ordered Tiny Tim back in 2009 and did not get around to seeding it until this year, 2016. It is a wonderful little tomato. The tomatoes are in clusters and taste great. The larger sized ones tasted the best and some have more seeds in them then others. People are curious about this plant when they see it. Mine required fertilizer to grow in a pot.
Reviewed by: Janet Johnson from Livermore. on 10/16/2016
A fantastic, highly productive little tomato.
The Tiny Tim is a fantastic, highly productive little tomato. True cherry size. We start them indoors around late February in our Aerogarden (hydroponics) and transplant to small pots when they are about five inches high, then to bigger pots after last frost.

Last year, they produced about three pounds of tomatoes, so many that we couldn't eat them fast enough. Great tasting. We found they'd produce a tad more tomatoes if we pruned a few leaves covering any flowers or buds. We give them away as gifts. In the Aerogarden these seeds had a 95% germination rate.
Reviewed by: Mary Ann Button from Klamath Falls, OR. on 3/11/2016
Love Tiny Tim!
I've grown Tiny Tims a couple of times, both in pots and in the garden. They are perfect in a medium to smallish size pot on my back stairs. They didn't do as well in the garden. They always produce throughout the season for me and the tomatoes are delicious! I plan on planting them again this summer.
Reviewed by: Karyn Smith from Virginia. on 3/10/2014
Very cute.
Didn't like these much. Very cute. Only six to eight inches high. However, there was burst of eight to ten fruit and then that was it. Maybe OK if you are growing in a small place or in the house.

VSC NOTES: I am sorry to hear about the results you had, Mark. As you can see from other reviews, the opposite is normal. And without further clues, there are just too many conditions that could have caused this for me to be really helpful. However, a few common ones are too small of a pot, too high of temperatures, and lack of proper soil fertility.
Reviewed by: Mark Goodman from Starkville, Mississippi. on 12/17/2013
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